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Flexible Ducting

Durable and flexible – ideal as as a fit and forget product.

Constructed from recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) our range of flexible ducting offer excellent standards of flexibility and durability with high resistance to ozone, weathering and engine compartment oil and fuel splashing.

Flexible Ducting

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Five qualities are featured in the range, each designed for specific purposes for applications such as inlet to air filter, air filter to engine, alternator cooling, heating and ventilation.

Durable – capable of being moved and positioned to meet space constraints and requirements without distorting the internal profile. Resistant to vibration and flex fatigue. Able to withstand movements typically to air transfer components in under hood environments and applications. Retains shape – will not collapse if permanently shaped or through movement thereby maintaining airflow capability Smooth bore – less disruption to airflow, allowing maximum air transfer rate for respective bore size. Ideal for all environments whether they are underhood or external, resulting in a fit and forget product.