James Dawson

Hope Wood

Supporting the local community

James Dawson have partnered with Lincoln City Council and other local
businesses to take part in a local green space rejuvenation project “Hope Wood”.

Organised by the City of Lincoln Council, the project includes planting around 4000 trees and shrubs, over 4000 bulbs, over 12000 wildflowers, and the creation of a community orchard with the aim of increasing the existing biodiversity in the city and creating a higher quality green space of which the local public can be proud.

The site is located a 5 minute walk from Boultham Park and covers 3.5 hectares along the river Witham going down to Newark Road.

The business is allowing employees half a paid day off to assist with the project which will amount to over 200 hours of volunteering time for the project.

For the first phase of the project, the Woodland Trust will be supplying the city council with 1,500 trees and 500 shrubs, which will be planted in coming months.

“I’m really happy that we were able to support the project as a business, we have been manufacturing in Lincoln since the 1800’s and have been a part of the city as it has developed and grown, its important to give back to the local community and this project is one of the ways in which we can.

The support from everyone at the business was fantastic, with over 50 employees signing up to assist with everything from litter picking to fence building!

Thefirst two volunteering days have gone well, with volunteers assisting with fence building, tree planting and general gardening”

Although the site will take some time to establish, the business is committed to supporting its ongoing development and growth for the length of the project.