James Dawson

Hoses Designed for the Future

Hoses Designed for the Future

Within the constantly changing landscape of motor vehicles, EV & Hydrogen are the two frontrunners to replace Diesel & Petrol engine vehicles and machinery.

As a supplier of hoses for air and fluid handling for off road and specialist diesel engine vehicles, James Dawson continues to innovate in the dynamically changing marketplace.
Leveraging our extensive experience and knowledge within Organic EPDM rubber hoses we have worked extensively on the design and manufacture within our New Product Introduction Team (NPI) working closely with a development partner to design and manufacture hoses for the transfer of Monoethylene glycol based anti-freeze to be utilised within new electric vehicle engines that will be powering a fleet of electric delivery trucks.

The hoses were selected based on the negative pressure capabilities of the bonded fibre EPDM hose for fluid transfer. In total, the business will be manufacturing 7 different types of legged EPDM hoses, starting at an annual production of 3,500 and increasing to 7,500 over 2 years.

This is an exciting opportunity for James Dawson to work closely with a manufacturer of Electric Vehicles to help develop and understand the requirements of these types of hoses used within the coolant lines for EV.

James Dawson continues to work closely with our customers to respond to changing demands and requirements, our range of hoses now extends to both EV & Hydrogen vehicles and will continue to grow based on market requirements.

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