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Organic Rubber Hoses

Specialist Reinforced EPDM, Nitrile and Polychloroprene Applications

An advanced range of custom made hoses developed to meet your specification.

These hoses are available in many shapes and sizes, with the ability to include inserts and branched legs.

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  • Reinforced or Un-reinforced (Subject to Operating Pressure)
  • Reinforced by Bonded Short Fibre
  • Fibres Aligned Giving Optimum Hoop Strength and Burst Resistance
  • Maximum Operating Temperature of 125°C / 255°F
  • Hoses Meet requirements of SAEJ20 R4 Class E
  • Capability of Moulded-on Spouts and Moulded Inserts

Tooling is made in-house offering a quick response to prototype and production needs.
The unique extrusion method of fibre reinforced material promotes higher hoop strength and greater resistance to vacuum collapse.

EPDM hoses are ideal for use with air or water coolant, the main application being specialist engine hoses.

Hoses can be manufactured in nitrile for applications where oil and fuel resistance are required.

Polychloroprene hoses are self extinguishing with medium resistance to petroleum based oils and fuels.

The manufacturing process allows any shape or complexity to be offered as a solution. Hoses with multi-branched offshoot legs and large bore changes are a speciality.

Limited space in modern applications is a major consideration. The challenges of cooling packages with the need for larger air filtration units are met by our specially designed complex shaped hoses.