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Our range of Organic Hoses

One-Piece Hoses

The efficient one-piece hose design not only reduces the costs for parts, it also reduces the time and labour costs of assembly, as well as offering an additional noise reduction benefit.

Our distinctive compound allows us to replace formed metal pipework, short rubber cuffs and clips with a single one-piece hose, reducing both parts inventory and potential leak points. 

  • Reduces potential leak points
  • Cost effective
  • Lower parts inventory
  • Potential weight reduction


The Versatile Neoprene Hose

  • Increased dilation resistance
    Up to 8 bar positive pressure (50mm bore)
  • Unique compound
    Cellulose fibre-reinforced neoprene
  • Multi-industry applications
    Suitable for clean and dirty air, plus oil applications
  • One-piece solution
    Adaptable to fit any shape or space
  • Link capabilities
    Add connections without compromising integrity
  • Wide temperature range
    From -40°C to +120°C (-40°F to 248°F)

Legged Hoses

The method of manufacture involved in producing the legged how options result in a single homogeneous unit. 
The item is produced as a one piece operation from vulcanised rubber using our experience and expertise of both the hose production and our tooling. 

Hoses with Inserts

Hoses can be produced with inserts ranging from drainage nuts, radiator caps and brass adaptors for sensor units to fluid and air flow indicators.

Large Bore Hoses

Current manufacture allows production of hoses with inside diameter of up to 356mm (14″)
These hose are typically used in air cleaner adaptor applications, reducing weight and cost.


Oil drain and filler neck applications.