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Silicone, Fluorosilicone & Fluorocarbon

Silicone Hoses out perform conventional hose materials in terms of optimum reliability and long life on engine, radiator, heater and other coolant handling applications.



  • Wide Operating Temperature Range: -60ºC to +275ºC
  • Resistant to UV, Ozone & General Weathering
  • Retains Flexibility Throughout Lifetime

Fluorocarbon (Viton)

  • Extremely Specialised Organic Polymer
  • Excellent Resistance to
  • Heat and Chemicals Heat Resistant up to 275ºC / 527ºF
  • Liner for High Temperature & Chemical Resistance
  • Commonly Used in Emission Control & Oil Drain Systems



  • Wide Operating Temperature -40°c to +240°C
  • Resistant to UV, Ozone and General Weathering
  • Good flexibility retention
  • Good oil and fuel resistance

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