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Custom Engineering

An engineering solution provider offering advanced silicone and organic rubber products, for a wide range of diverse applications.

Silicone Hose Range

Worker making silicon in James Dawson Factory

Silicone out performs conventional hose materials in terms of optimum reliability and long life on engine, radiator, heater and other coolant handling applications.

Organic Rubber Hose Range

Worker making Organic Rubber products

Specialist Reinforced EPDM, Nitrile and Polychloroprene Applications

Flexible Ducting

Worker in James Dawson Workshop

Constructed from recyclable thermoplastic elastomer (TPE), our range of ductings offer excellent standards of flexibility and durability with high resistance to ozone, weathering and engine compartment oil and fuel splashing.


Organic Rubber

Our team of experienced Engineers and Rubber Technologists select the most appropriate materials based on the intended application and environment.

For lower temperature requirements, we apply the capability of various organic polymers, each with it’s owe unique temperature and chemical resistant properties. This includes EPDM, polychloroprene and PVC Nitrile. 


Where increased durability and higher temperature resistance is required, we have a range of silicone and fluorosilicone elastomer compounds to apply.

These combat a range of environmental challenges such as coolants, oils and charged air. Where extreme chemical and temperature resistance is required a fluorocarbon polymer can be applied. This will function in temperatures up to 275ºC (527ºF).

Thermally Reflective Heat Shields

Intergrally moulded flexible heat shields can be incorporated where the application is in close proximity to a radiant heat source. The heat shield can be applied to a large proportion of the hose or as a localised patch on complex surfaces.

Radiant heat sources up to 550ºC (1,054ºF) and within 5mm-6mm (0.20″-0.24″) of the hose can be tolerated.